Patches and Keys and Hints and Store

Hey it’s me again!

So a new patched up game is out, version (1.0.2)!

Patch (1.02) Notes:
Added new text
Fixed spelling errors

Also, we’re officially over 100 downloads combining the numbers from Game Jolt and!
So yay!

Another thing, it’s come to my attention through a lovely Let’s Play, that I’m not sure anyone has gotten the secret ending. Maybe my hints were too difficult to understand…
But I decided to post a small hint for everyone so they can try for the second ending!
(Please let me know if it’s still not enough!)

Secret Ending Hint (Spoilers!!) 

It’ll be about another two weeks before I make another post but also the first round of t-shirts and prints pre-orders are up until February 21st.

So check em’ out if you want!!

Until next time


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Feb 04, 2019

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